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Hey everyone! :#1:

With our first contest behind us it is time to get back to our regular features! :dummy:
I've really missed doing these and I hope some of you did too.

Let's get right back into it!


Mario: Dem No Gewd Gofaz by JamesmanTheRegenold
Mario: Dem No Gewd Gofaz by *Captain-Jamesman
JamesmanTheRegenold has an incredible style! Noticeable mostly by his pastel like colours and even more so by his thick and light brown personalized line art. Something I hope to control on his level at some point. His work is alway joyful and funny if not beautiful on occasion as well. His gallery is filled with game, comic book and cartoon fan-art and I assure you you'll be lost in it for a while looking at all the amazing stuff in there.
Mario: Dem No Gewd Gofazby  is an amazing kind of work, it is funny, well thought out and brilliantly executed. I love the soft colours and the perfect line art depicting the expressions so wonderfully. I mean who even DOES any fan art for NES Open Golf anymore? Let alone this beautifully done! I really gotta get me that game. This is a perfect example of doing a lot with little to go one.


Secret room of the castle by Daelyth
Secret room of the castle by ~Daelyth
Daelyth's gallery is just a treasure room ready to be opened. Detailed cosplay, high level photography and great fan-art are just some of the things you will discover in it.
The thing I love most about her general fan-art is her use of very dark shadows, a skill she mastered very well.
Secret room of the castle perfectly reminds you of the magic that is Solstice, the shape of the doorway and the vibrant colours perfectly match this insane game. I'm always a big fan of these rough kinda drawings and seeing it so well done for such an awesome game just takes my breath away.


Old Man And Woman by likelikes
Old Man And Woman by ~likelikes
likelikes is someone I only just recently discovered. She has a very peculiar but extremely effective style where she uses the least amount of colours and no shading yet still manages to make her work look so well done. She has tons of great retro fan-art and a lot of that is NES based so go check her out!
Old Man And Woman is a great example of that. When I see this work I just can't help but to smile. Finding one of those heart containers in The Legend of Zelda immediately gets you hyped and the bright colours and smooth curves really depict it so well. Plus the old Man and Woman look so much like their actual counterparts with one small makes me like the old woman again with that smile she gave her!


Jigoku Gokuraku Maru by Maiss-Thro
Jigoku Gokuraku Maru by ~Maiss-Thro
Maiss-Thro has this American DC comic style going on and that is one of the things you'll find in his gallery. There is great Game fan-art as well and he experiments with different techniques which keeps his gallery very interesting and there is bound to be something in there for anyone.
Jigoku Gokuraku Maru is a great tribute to Kabuki Quantum Fighter. The music in this game is great plus it's fast and filled with action. The background of the artwork really makes it feel like the character is actually in the computer system as in the story of the game and his robotic appearance given here, vibrant hair and battle pose make me see him in a whole new light. I especially love the smaller details like the traditional Japanese shoes which humanize his robotic version a bit bringing him back closer to his original more human version.


Tetris Crawl Stamp by Cokomon
  Tetris Crawl Stamp by ~Cokomon
Cokomon Unlike this Stamp suggests his gallery is filled with an incredible high level of fan-art, original characters and comic strips done  in a great cell shading kinda style. His gallery is a real danger, once you step in you won't go out without having faved a few of his pieces I can guarantee you that.
Tetris Crawl Stamp is a smooth flowing stamp you cannot take your eyes off. The idea is brilliant yet so obvious. The animation is fluent and the colours chosen are easy on the eye. Too bad my favourite piece 'T' isn't in there but I guess that would have taken away the illusion of an actual running block.


Section Z! by electronicron
Section Z! by ~electronicron
electronicron has a great gallery filled with a little bit of everything. Movies, games, comics, mythology, all that and more are drawn in a superbe way. The thing I love most about this artist is his colour contrast control. He uses such high contrast differences one time and another time he blends the whole work together in such a way if feels as one entity...that's okay I understand myself.
Section Z! is everything I love about NES fan-art. NES games allow you to take such great liberties or some simple inspiration from and this piece takes full advantage of that. The colours remind you of the original game in a second. The way the creatures are drawn and the walls of the area make no exception to that either. It is a very atmospheric artwork and like I said before the liberties taken just feel right.


I feel good having these back on the road again. There is awesome NES art out there and many fans as well, I hope by doing these features I'm spreading it around a bit more.

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likelikes Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!!!
Retro-Death Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A true fan like you! Anytime. :D
electronicron Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Thanks very much for featuring me. I'm honored!
Retro-Death Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, I cannot even express how cool I think that artwork is! :la:
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September 9, 2012